6 Advantages of Purchasing HDMI over Coax

Both HDMI and coaxial or coax are cables that are used for transmission of signal to and from different systems. The difference is that the HDMI cable carries high frequency signals whereas the coax cable carries signals with lower frequency. HDMI is an acronym for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is responsible for both video-audio digital interface that carry uncompressed format signals. Made up of a total of nineteen wires, the high definition cable is able to carry high speed digital information, audios and videos. Coaxial cable on the other hand is used as a radio frequency transmission line. Among its applications is feed lines for the purpose of radio transmitters and receivers connection with antennas. This articles sets out to briefly discuss advantages of HDMI cables and why it is the best product to purchase.

Higher quality

Video quality is high due to lack of conversion. Transmission is equally loss-less leading to contrast details that are of high quality such as text that get displayed more sharply.

Signal integrity

High definition cables allow for storage, transmission, and viewing of digital signal without any changes from analog to digital. Degradation of signal is therefore not prominent.

Single cable

There is lesser complexity of controlling an audio video system as it requires a single cable that is responsible for carrying video, audio and control information.

Authentication and encryption

HDMI goes a long way to ensure authentication of devices so that only authorized ones can receive content from sources that are HDMI enabled. Authentication also ensures that content sent through the cables cannot be copied or pirated through tapping by people.

hdmi over coax

No compression

Signal quality is not degraded since high definition signals do not require compression during transmission.

Multiple audio-video formats support

Several audio and video formats such as multi-channel sound surround and standard stereo are HDMI standard supported.

In summary, if you are looking for an all-in-one cable solution then the HDMI is the way to go. It’s designed to transfer both audio and video with high quality. It can also handle 3D and 4K content, making it a perfect option for your home theater system.