FLEXIMOUNTS CR1 Curved Panel UHD TV Wall Mount for 32″-65″ OLED TVs

In this era of flat and curved TV screens, one definitely needs a curved panel TV mount which offers maximum flexibility and allows you to tilt your TV screen for a great view from any angle that suits you. The FLEXIMOUNTS CR1 Curved Panel UHD TV Wall Mount is a quality product that perfectly fits for either a Curved TV or a Flat TV, it has a great design to guarantee stability and it’s made from strong materials to ensure durability.

The design

The overall design fits perfectly for any Curved TV as well as a Flat TV. The product comes with 6 well-constructed arms where each is articulating to provide four times the stability that other UHD wall mounts have to offer. This great design allows you to extend, tilt and swivel the TV screen from the wall for a minimum of 2.8”/70mm and a maximum of 18”/457mm. This allowance for full motion greatly helps you clean and effectively and easily connect and/or disconnect the cables.

Adjustable angle of view

You can tilt your TV screen for a perfect view. This helps to avoid unnecessary strains and consequently fatigue on your back and neck muscles. Wide-angle swivel- the extended articulating system presented in the FLEXIMOUNTS CR1 allows for a 90 degree swivel either right or left to allow for flexible viewing.

Adjustments and convenience

Horizontal adjustment – a horizontal 5 degree angular adjustment is possible to help fix the minor error experienced during installation. State of the art Cable management system which allows for cables to be neatly concealed hence a clean TV set.


  • It is made of cold-rolled steel hence very strong and durable
  • Its structure and design allows for flexible viewing
  • Can serve a wide range of Flat TV screens as well as Curved TV screens from 32” to 65”
  • Its strong 14.2lbs structure guarantees to strongly hold and support up to a 132lbs screen in various angular positions.
  • Comes equipped with post-installation level adjustment to enable the TV to seamlessly level
  • It’s affordable


  • It is only available in black and no other color


The FLEXIMOUNTS CR1 Curved Panel UHD TV Wall Mount is a quality product that comes with full of all necessary features (strength, flexibility and durability) to ensure you are comfortable watching your TV. Moreover it is designed to ensure that your screen occupies minimum space hence brings a taste of elegance and beauty to your living room.