Esky 2016 Updated 50 Miles Range Ultra-Thin Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna Review

Paying for TV programs is tiresome and makes people want a better service and more options. Finding an alternative that costs less in a long run and still offers the channels that would normally be paid for can mean certain upgrades to the home entertainment system. Let’s take a look at the Esky 2016 Updated 50 Miles Range Ultra-Thin Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna as an addition to the TV and sound system in the house.

Features and Specifications

  • Receives HD TV signals such as CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and PBS without charge
  • Frequency range: VHF(47-230MHz) /UHF(470-860 MHz) /FM
  • Comes with signal amplifier so you can enjoy superb pictures and sound quality within a fifty mile range
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It’s affordable

High Quality Broadcast

This crafty little device offers high definition TV signals for programs coming from ABC, CBS and other channels. Different signals that come in VHF and UHF frequencies up to 230MHz and 860MHz, depending on the area the broadcast needs to be made. The sound system offers great quality sound in addition to the high definition picture quality, making it easy on the viewer’s eyes and ears.

Easy to install

It comes with all the cables that are easy to plug in the TV and power support, meaning the electrical outlet. It is a user friendly gadget, easy to connect with the TV and fire up. To make the two connect the TV’s remote will be necessary, but that should not be a problem for most users. There is a small stand included, making a good fit for the device.


Since the device itself is small, it easy can be placed behind the TV, however, if there are signal difficulties within the area, the device should be placed closer to the nearest window or in a spot that is simply higher above the ground. It is lightweight and easy to move from place to place. The cable is long enough to cover the distance in most rooms.

Installing a new antenna such as the Esky 2016 Updated 50 Miles Range Ultra-Thin Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna, can open the world of television easily and with no fuss. Perhaps this is the future of the television in households. User interfaces become easier to use and the programs become more advanced as the time moves on. It is time to use the technology that the world offers.