A Closer Look at the Covenov 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Video Glasses

If you are looking a way to enrich your cell phone experience, virtual glasses is the right thing for you. Covenov 3D VR Glasses have everything that a user would ask for, and it transforms a phone into a virtual reality headset, that can satisfy the needs of a child as well as the older ones. It is designed for improving gaming experience and adds a great effect to the movie-going experience. It is suitable for variety of phones, any 4inch to 6inch Iphone or Android phone will fit just perfectly. Below is the Covenov 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Video Glasses review with pros and cons and key features explained in detail.


Lenses are the most important part of the product. Lenses used here are capable of blocking electromagnetic radiation and therefore there is no side effects regarding vision. They are reducing deformity and glare while effectively preventing visual fatigue. The lenses restore 3D reality under the broad vision. These HD-optical lenses, with 8-layer nano coating make you experience the 3D virtual reality world without fatigue or dizziness even when using it for a long time.


What is amazing about this VR headset is that it’s well built, suitable for various phones and adjustable. Not only you can adjust pupil distance and sight distance, you can also adjust clamp on the cover that makes these glasses suitable for various phones. Humanized design for straps takes away the pressure from the bridge of the nose and there is also a soft cushion where the glasses touch your face. These kind of design solutions make your experience as pleasant as possible.


This device is built without stimulation plastic sheet using environmental material, ABS and spheric resin lens material.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Effective
  • Lightweight
  • Firmly built
  • Adjustable
  • It has many features


  • No magnet (even though you can add it yourself)
  • No QR code ( but you can find it by searching for it on the internet)
  • Works better with the bigger phones


Overall, this device is a great extending device that can turn your phone to a cinema or bring your gaming to the next level. You can use it at home and you can take it with you when travelling. The Covenov 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Video Glasses is convenient and there is no need for any additional software. There is also head phones support on both sides bringing you the feeling as if you are actually there. If you want a quality device, with a nice finish and strong built, this is the right device for you.