BÖHM B2 Premium 60-Watt 40″ inch Sound Bar Review

Getting a flat screen television does not just cut it nowadays; all you need is to assemble a watching experience right at the comfort of your living-room. To obtain the right watching experience from your Flat Screen TV, you ought to re-evaluate the sound system you own. The BÖHM B2 Premium 60-Watt 40″ inch Sound Bar is exactly what you ought to improve your watching experience.

Key Features

  • Slim design, providing an aesthetically pleasing combination with your HDTV
  • Comes in a 40-Inch design that easily resets on your TV/Table Stand
  • It’s wall mountable
  • Offers an all-in-one solution to your watching needs with 3 listening modes to choose from including TV, Music and Movie.
  • It comes in a user-friendly package and features flexible connectivity including Auxiliary, Coaxial, Bluetooth and Optical compatibility.

3 Preprogrammed Audio Modes

At the tap of a button you can revamp your living-room into a theater or club, with BÖHM B2 Premium sound bar. This sound bar features 3 audio modes; the TV, Music and Movie modes. Along with spatial time delay, make a virtual sound experience to fill the room with audio aesthetics. The sound bar provides you an all in one system to develop a theater in your living-room, unwind to a few good television or revamp your living into a club.

 360 Surround Sound Experience

Straight from the minute you plug in BÖHM B2 into your Television Set, your sound system obtains a 60-Watts boost. The sound bar is absolutely easy to use, a simple plug in to your Flat Screen’s audio output and you ready to go. Each and every one can set the sound bar up for use.

Prepare to become the envy among your buddies with virtual surround sound which will definitely change your watching experience.

Intuitive Remote

The BÖHM B2 sound bar includes an user-friendly remote control, offering you a multitude of control possibilities. With the user-friendly remote control you will certainly have the ability to conveniently switch from one particular listening mode to another. The B2 sound bar features the TV, Music and Movie listening modes to enable you to set up the setting for your favored watching experience. The remote control is also designed to enable you to, in every sense of words, remotely handle all features of the sound bar.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the BÖHM B2 Premium 60-Watt 40″ inch Sound Bar offers just what it assures. It does the job quite well on both flat screen televisions and computers or laptops. It is a worthy investment for to enhance your TV sound experience.