AVANTEK AR-F14 Amplified Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna Review

There is a reason why people want to find a good HDTV antenna to improve their viewing experience because of several different reasons. There are many TV shows people would love ti watch, but the different cable packages are just too expensive or inconvenient, and require regular watching to justify the investment. However, because of how busy most lives are, it is simply not worth it. Therefore, finding a good antenna is essential, and AVANTEK AR-F14 Amplified Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna with 50-Mile Range Signal Booster is one of the options available.

Practical and Useful

The AVANTEK AR-F14 has a good range that will make the viewing even easier. This means that the expensive deals can be left behind and the television enjoyed in high definition video quality. The quality is also an important aspect, because the cable packages can sometimes be dodgy and not offer the highest quality on an affordable rate.

It has to be said that some areas could appear a bit more problematic, but that is not due to the quality of the product, but the signal strength in general within the area.

Easy to Use

This indoor HDTV antenna comes with all the necessary cables, and is very easy to install, making it also easy to use. Connecting the device to the TV or the converter box is simple (the converter box is not included in the package). After it has been done, the antenna will scan for the available channels when places in an area where it can do it.

Compact Design

This antenna will be easy to use even for those who do not count themselves among the tech savy. Its design allows it to be easily moved from place to place, and to look good in any room, or be hidden from view.


  • Exceptional reception, thanks to the powerful amplifier and 360° of reception
  • Captures stunning picture and sound of 1080p HDTV broadcasting
  • Easy to install
  • Space-saving profile
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t include converter box so you have to purchase it separately if you need to.


A good antenna will not only look good, but it will also make user lives easier and more pleasant. The AVANTEK AR-F14 Amplified Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna with 50-Mile Range Signal Booster makes users comfortable and has the wide range of channels on offer for those who do not want to pay large amounts of money for the comfort of television.