6 Things You Need To Know About When Buying a New TV

Are you thinking about buying a new TV? Stop! Before you do, here are some things to consider…

1. Size matters

The size of your screen will have an impact on the way you watch your favorite movies and TV shows. You’ll want to get the biggest screen that you can so that you can create a cinema-like experience in your own lounge. However, you will need to consider the overall aesthetics of the room. Larger screens in smaller rooms don’t always work – especially if you can see the individual pixels that make up the screen.

2. Decide what you want

With so much choice out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. What makes matters worse is when retailers use complicated jargon that ends up being more confusing than it does helpful. Let us break things down…

LED: One of the most popular types of television technology, LED have a liquid crystal display and use an LED backlight. These types of HDTV are lightweight, thin, energy efficient, and screens still keep their clarity even in sun-filled rooms.

Plasma: If you want excellent contrast, plasma’s for you. Although you will see less plasma televisions on the market today, they are still popular for people who want to watch TV in a bright room.

OLED: Also known as organic light emitting mode, OLED is the latest in display technology. This type of HDTV can reproduce black with bright colors, delivering first-class contrast and awe-inspiring image quality. These displays are thin, energy-efficient, and lightweight.

3. Consider resolution

So, you’ve decided on the size of television that you want, and the type of technology that’s best for you. What’s next? Screen resolution is one of the most important components when purchasing a new TV, and determines the product’s ability to show fine detail. Remember – the more pixels a screen has, the ‘smoother’ it is, with natural rendering of the objects on-screen.tv-627876_640

4. Know your refresh rate

Did you know that TV content is really just a series of images that flash really quickly? These images create the illusion of motion! The speed at which these images flash on the screen is known as ‘refresh rate’, and the faster this is, the better the television is when displaying content such as live sport or video games.

5. Be smarter when choosing a TV

Smart TVs have become increasingly popular in recent years, and combine elements such as apps, streaming services, games, social, media, and more via a Wi-Fi connection. You’ll be able to browse the web, reply to emails, and communicate with friends and family all from your television set. It’s definitely something to consider if you want to do more than just watch television programs on your TV.

6. Pick the right color

The quality of a television’s color can vary dramatically depending on the make, model, and manufacturer, so always do your research. Finding an objective measure of color is not an exact science, and it might come down to personal preference. However, color should be definitely be something to look out for when choosing a brand new TV for your home.